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Chronic medical conditions are those that persist for six months or more, including ailments like asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal issues, and stroke.

Our unique approach involves bringing our expertise directly to you. We understand the importance of convenience, so we go the extra mile by delivering our services to your location. This means you can focus on your health without the hassle of traveling.

We offer two types of plans in collaboration with your General Practitioner: the GP Management Plan (GPMP) and the Team Care Arrangement (TCA). If your GP recommends both a GPMP and TCAs for your care, you may qualify for Medicare rebates on specific individual allied health services outlined in your plan.

At Evidence Based Motion, our team of skilled Exercise Physiology practitioners is adept at delivering interventions aligned with Chronic Disease Management. For instance, we excel in supporting individuals dealing with conditions like Type 2 Diabetes. To determine your eligibility for our Allied Health services, consult your GP.

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