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Louis M

Founder & Exercise Scientist

Louis's journey into the world of fitness began as an enthusiastic adolescent football player in the NSW Premier League. As his football career progressed, he underwent a mindset shift, recognizing the numerous health benefits of exercise. After completing high school, Louis discovered the Certificate III in Fitness, igniting his passion for understanding the human body and its response to exercise. Eager to delve deeper into this field, he successfully obtained his Certificate III in Fitness and pursued further education with the Certificate IV in Fitness, followed by the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy.

With two years of dedicated study and hands-on experience in human anatomy and exercise, Louis became a qualified personal trainer. Since then, he has made a positive impact on numerous individuals' lives, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. Driven by his unwavering motivation to expand his knowledge, Louis decided to enroll in the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Technology Sydney.

Now an Accredited Exercise Scientist, Louis possesses an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and the transformative effects of a healthy lifestyle on physical well-being. This deep knowledge and passion for evidence-based practices have led him to establish Evidence Based Motion in 2021. His vision is to deliver the highest quality mobile personal training services, underpinned by the best available research evidence, to empower individuals in feeling better, looking better, preventing illness, and developing the strength to conquer any challenges they may face.

Join Louis on this incredible journey towards optimal health and wellness with Evidence Based Motion. Experience personalised training services that are scientifically backed and tailored to your unique needs. Louis is committed to guiding you on a path to a healthier, happier, and stronger life.

To embark on this transformative fitness journey or to learn more about Evidence Based Motion, please feel free to contact Louis at any time. You can reach him via email at or phone at 0401 784 659. Get ready to take charge of your health and wellness with the support of Evidence Based Motion.

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