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Mikayla J

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mikayla is an experienced mobile personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach at Evidence Based Motion. She possesses a deep understanding of the importance of addressing muscular imbalances and injury prevention in her training programs.

One of Mikayla's key areas of expertise is identifying and correcting muscular imbalances. She recognizes that these imbalances can lead to a host of issues, including decreased performance, discomfort, and even injuries. With her keen eye and extensive knowledge, Mikayla thoroughly assesses each client's posture, movement patterns, and muscle imbalances to create targeted training routines.

Injury prevention is at the core of Mikayla's training philosophy. She believes that proactive measures can go a long way in keeping her clients injury-free, allowing them to enjoy their fitness journeys to the fullest. Mikayla integrates a variety of techniques and exercises into her programs, such as mobility work, stability training, and functional movements. These components not only enhance physical performance but also create a strong foundation for injury prevention.

Furthermore, Mikayla's dedication to evidence-based exercise means that her injury prevention strategies are grounded in scientific research and best practices. She stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, ensuring that her clients benefit from the most effective and safe methods available.

With Mikayla's guidance, clients can expect not only to achieve their fitness goals but also to do so with a reduced risk of injury. Her holistic approach to training focuses on building strength, flexibility, and stability, all while addressing any existing imbalances. The result is a well-rounded and resilient physique that can withstand the demands of various physical activities, both in and out of the gym.

In summary, Mikayla Jothy's expertise in addressing muscular imbalances and injury prevention sets her apart as a mobile personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. Her commitment to evidence-based methods ensures that clients receive the highest level of care and support, ultimately leading to improved performance, reduced injury risk, and a healthier, more balanced body.

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