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Exercise plays a crucial role in rehabilitating injuries and preventing their recurrence. Exercise physiology seamlessly complements hands-on treatments, forming a vital connection in restoring optimal health.

Recovery often demands exercise to rehabilitate injuries and prevent future issues. Exercise physiology acts as a bridge between manual interventions and comprehensive musculoskeletal injury management, facilitating your return to peak condition.

At Evidence Based Motion, our dedicated exercise scientists and physiologists are here to guide you. With personalised rehabilitation programs, we chart a course toward achieving your performance and lifestyle goals, ensuring a smooth transition from injury to triumph.

Our team specialise in addressing a range of concerns, including:

  • Easing back pain

  • Managing neck pain

  • Assisting with Workcover-related matters

  • Guiding Work Hardening Programs

  • Treating sports injuries

  • Overseeing pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation

  • Supporting joint replacement recovery

  • Guiding ACL rehabilitation

Let us empower your journey to recovery through expert exercise physiology. Reach out to us at to embark on a path of renewal and resilience.

Schedule Your Free Strategy Session Today!

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